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The Definitive Producing Workbook

For the producer, the world of independent film and television production is often surrounded by a sea of paperwork. The contracts, documents and requirements of agencies are constantly in flux. Nothing is definitive, every contract has its own set of particulars and every deal is different.

"Boilerplate" agreements are open to negotiation. Rules can be flexible. The PW4 will help guide a producer through some of the overwhelming volume of documents involved in the world of independent film and television production. Legal writers review the standard clauses and reveal issues of concern to producers negotiating contracts. Many sample agreements are included for reference. The book provides a comprehensive overview of national and provincial funding bodies and engaging stories and words of wisdom by seasoned producers.

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Book reviews

Here is what people are saying about the Producers Workbook

"The Producer’s Workbook is a brilliant reference book, with first rate information generously provided by the best in the business."

Alexandra Raffe, President, Savi Productions

"The Producer’s Workbook is an important tool for those emerging in the film and television industry. At British Columbia Film I consistently recommended its use as a jumping off point… a guide and reference for the key documentation used when acquiring rights, drafting contracts and entering into negotiations."

Lodi Butler, Former Director, Development Initiatives & Partnerships, British Columbia Film

"The Producer’s Workbook was a crucial tool when I was starting out in this industry, giving me the A-Z of film production and financing in this country. A must-have reference book"

Monica Hilborn, Writer-Producer, Lexico Productions Inc.

"The Producer's Workbook is an invaluable resource for students as it provides them with concrete advice and examples in all aspects of the business of film. I have used it for lesson planning throughout my career as an educator."

Alyson Drysdale, Head of Langara College Film Arts


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