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British Columbia film list for May 2014

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TV Series

Backstrom ~ Season 1

Production company 
Backstrom Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer
Hart Hanson,
Kevin Hooks
Josh Levy
James Whitmore,
Allison Brown
Production Manager
Vladimir Stefoff
Production Coordinator
Anita Truelove
Location Manager
Trevor Metz
Casting Director
Heike Brandstatter,
Coreen Mayrs
Extras Casting
Sandra-Ken Freeman
May 30, 2014 to October 22, 2014
240-555 Building 9 Brooksbank Ave
North Vancouver
V7J 3S5
(604) 983-5353
(604) 983-5357

Witches of East End ~ Season 2

Production company 
WOEE Series Productions Ltd
Executive Producer
Maggie Friedman,
Richard Haten,
Allan Arkush
Shawn Williamson
Michael Nankin,
Ron Underwood
Production Designer
Rachel O'Toole
Production Manager
Paul Lukaitis
Production Coordinator
Melissa Crich
Location Manager
Michael Roberts
Assistant Location Manager
Myles Lennig,
Amanda Hanson
Casting Director
Casting Clark & Page
April 22, 2014 to August 29, 2014
(604) 566-8322
(604) 677-1859


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