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5 Years of Raindance Vancouver!

Special to Reel West by Nadia DiMofte

Hey, fellow indie filmmaker!

Here’s our story. It was only 24 years ago when Elliot Grove, a Canadian in the UK, started Raindance as an experiment: could one make a movie with no training, no experience or no money? It was 1992 when he set up the training division of Raindance, which now offers short masterclasses on writing, directing, producing and marketing films on a low-to-no budget.

When British filmmakers like Christopher Nolan started making zero budget films, Elliot started the Raindance Film Festival (1993), as well as the British Independent Film Awards to showcase their work.

Raindance is now Europe's largest film training provider & maverick independent film festival. With dozens of courses, a Postgraduate Film Degree, a website packed with articles and tools for members and a signature monthly networking event in every location:  the “Booze ’N’ Schmooze”, Raindance International is a source for the indie film community.

Initially catering to UK and North American filmmakers, Raindance training division has developed into a worldwide organization with hubs in all major film cities: London, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Windsor/Detroit, Beijing and, of course, Vancouver.

Raindance Vancouver is one of three hubs in Canada (Toronto & Montreal being the other two) and it was founded five years ago by Javier Badillo. Karen Margolese carried on the flag until the fall of 2014, when I took over. I have been trying ever since to contribute to the small but passionate local indie community.

Raindance Van (as we like to call it) is most famous for the “Booze ‘N Schmooze”, the monthly networking event which connects emerging and established filmmakers, promotes events and opportunities for filmmakers; it's happening every last Monday of every month at the Studio Records on Granville St.

Our local workshops are few but they are very well received by the community as we are always looking to bring established professionals to share their experience and knowledge – e.g. Michelle Muldoon (screenwriting) and Peter D. Marshall (directing).

A not-for-profit organization, Raindance Vancouver offers a yearly Membership that puts you INSIDE the film industry and connects you to Raindance resources worldwide.

The benefits and discounts for members apply worldwide and include industry discounts, festival submissions discounts, project promotion, events + screenings, FREE online resources, consulting as well as camera & gear discounts.

Raindance also offers the ideal Postgraduate Film Degree for people managing complicated schedules. Full time or part time, online or London-based. A modular study programme validated by Staffordshire University in which you design 80% of your curriculum in negotiation with mentors and industry experts. The program has 150 students on six continents, three from Vancouver.

Being five years old tells us that the community needs our support and we will continue to nourish talented and passionate indie filmmakers. This is only the beginning.

A warm THANK YOU to all of you: our MEMBERS, our COMMUNITY PARTNERS and our SUPPORTERS for helping us grow. We encourage and believe in everyone with a passion for film.


Nadia DiMofte

Reel West congratulates Raindance Vancouver on its fifth anniversary! 

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