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BC-based Crewcovery Platform for Media Jobs to Launch in April

One and a half years ago, Lucy Chung was one of many young people attending the annual media job fair in Vancouver, looking for connections and paid work. In spite of several diplomas and international work experience as an editor and camera woman, Chung found it challenging to figure out when productions are accepting resumes.

"There are so many fantastic productions in Vancouver," she says, "but once you hear about them, they're already in production and fully crewed."

That's tough if you're new to the biz, and frustrating.

So Chung, who loves and believes in technology, took it upon herself to build an online social platform aimed at job seekers and job creators in screen-based media.

"If you have a vision to create something cool and interesting, that gets people engaging on a different level," says Chung. "All you need is the opportunity to make your project to be heard and seen to crew up."

Fast forward to April 2016 and, which Chung describes as "imdb meets LinkedIn," is nearly ready to launch.

Crewcovery offers filmmakers and line producers the possibility to introduce their film, web series or television project with a photo, a short description and the profiles of the main heads of departments. Producers can then post job ads for open positions, and job seekers can apply with a cover letter and their own profile/resume.

The platform is open to union and non-union shoots and crew. It currently focuses on the Vancouver film and television community, but is generally open to nationwide projects.

Registered crewmembers can update their resume at any time, and add awards and gear if applicable in their profile section.

The advantage of a Crewcovery job ad in contrary to Craigslist posts or Facebook shoutouts is the lack of anonymity on the side of the advertising producer, says Chung. Job seekers can check out the producers' and filmmakers' resume before applying. They can also search the site for criteria such as location, time and even the genre of upcoming shoots.

As a new kid on the social media block, Crewcovery is searching for members and for the time being offers free subscription and listings.

By Katja De Bock
Photos courtesy of Lucy Chung

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